LID Folding Bike Helmet

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Bike helmets. They’ve been called uncomfortable. They’ve been called ugly. And they’re certainly bulky and difficult to transport or store. But that’s all about to change with the LID Folding Bike Helmet.

Like many urban residents throughout the world, LID Helmets founder Sam Terry has long appreciated the many benefits of commuting by bike. Cars, or even public transport, contribute to air pollution and global warming. Obesity rates have more than doubled since 1980, rapidly gaining on tobacco-related fatalities as the top international killer of adults. Cycling is great way to combat these issues. However, even though protecting your head while cycling is a must, the fact of the matter is that bike helmets are generally unpopular. Sam Terry was dedicated to solving this problem, and he launched the first LID Helmet model in 2017.

Composed of chemically safe, physically dense, and environmentally friendly recycled expanded polystyrene, the LID Folding Bike Helmet features a series of movable parts that enables it to automatically adjust to perfectly fit heads of all sizes. When they aren’t hugging your head, these same movable parts allow the helmet to fold in upon itself so compactly that it can easily fit into any backpack or bag.

In addition to its extreme convenience and official safety certification, the LID Folding Bike Helmet is unmatched in terms of fashion-savvy stylishness. Sleekly designed, it comes in a wide spectrum of color options to please the sensibilities of every urban rider.

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