KNNOX Lighter

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A precision-machined beauty, this solid brass lighter features a unique cap mechanism and a wick that is secreted away. Like a Zippo, the KNNOX can be opened, lit, and used in a variety of ways. But if the Zippo were a Honda, the KNNOX would be a Ferrari.

In addition to its exceptional hand polished brass casing, the KNNOX’s wick is one of the most exceptional parts of this exceptional lighter. Composed of 100% pure cotton mixed with KNNOX’s own proprietary blend of heat resistant fiber, these wicks are specially designed to provide a long-lasting burn. Other key features of the KNNOX Lighter include a highly absorbent felt pad made from a blend of state-of-the-art fibers and a flint that employs a mixture of multiple ferrous alloys for a hefty spark. With a lifetime warranty, the KNNOX lighter is designed to last generations. And with brass that will personalize with age, it will look great for the duration.

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