JHO Lynx Card Blade

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The JHO Lynx packs the power of a pocket knife unobtrusively into your wallet — the pocket knife for those who prefer a minimal EDC.

A card knife with a remarkably sharp cutting edge, the Lynx is forged from stainless steel and perforated with machined holes for unmatched grip that allows effortless, careful control — even when wet or slick. The chisel-ground straight edge is perfect for slicing, shaving, or chopping.

Crafted of remarkably tough cryogenically hardened VG-10 grade stainless steel, the Lynx has a long life expectancy, and you can choose between a bead-blast metal finish or a matte black titanium-coated finish.

Each Lynx comes with a tear-proof, water-resistant sheath crafted from tough bitumised paper, so there’s no danger of slicing your wallet or your finger when you need to pull it out.

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