FPM Bank Cookstation Suitcase

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FPM has given new meaning to the phrase, “pack everything, including the kitchen sink.” The FPM Bank Cookstation Suitcase defies all odds by letting travelers quite literally bring their kitchens on the road. The set includes a designated cutting surface, drawers for pots, pans, and kitchen tools, a cooktop, and even a small refrigerator. The best part is that everything can be neatly packed away as you join the European summer caravan lifestyle or the North American trending #vanlife.

The FPM Bank Cookstation Suitcase features a recycled aluminum shell for added protection. Whether you want to satisfy on the road cravings or create a five course meal after catching fresh lobsters off the California coast, one thing is certain — your inner nomad will rejoice that the FPM Bank Cookstation Suitcase doesn’t require a van or large SUV. Instead, you can throw it into the back of your four-door car, load the pup onto the backseat, put on some tunes, and get ready to travel into the great unknown with all of the comforts of a home kitchen at the ready.

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