DMOS Stealth Shovel

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DMOS is based in the beautiful and wild Tetons of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so we trust their expert advice and products designed for adventurers and nature lovers. Heck, their name stands for “do my own stuff”; it’s no surprise that they would manufacture utilitarian, no-nonsense items designed to get the job done.

The extreme terrain of Wyoming is perhaps the best test ground for their Stealth Shovel. Made as the original kicker tool, this is a professional-grade aluminum snow shovel that is collapsible to fit snuggly in a backpack and sling over your shoulders on a snowmobile or stashed away in your car or truck.

Weighing just over three pounds, it’s easily portable, but the shovel’s 2.5 mm T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy won’t bust or bend. It’s twice as thick as an avalanche shovel so you know it has the grit to get you through even the roughest winter. As each Stealth Shovel is stress tested both in a lab and in the field at conditions ranging from -40 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, it boasts quite a range of capabilities all year long, whether you’re shoveling snow or dirt.

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