Cargo Works 15-inch MacBook Pro EDC Backpack

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If you’re looking for the Mac Daddy of all backpacks to keep your everything Apple products more organized, grab the new and improved Cargo Works 15-inch MacBook Pro EDC Backpack. Designed with everything you love from its predecessor, the 15inch EDC Kit, with the ability to carry and organize many small, critical tools with easy access, the Cargo Works EDC Backpack can transform from a backpack to a slim hand-carry case simply by detaching the shoulder harness.

The main department has sufficient padding to safely store a 15″ MacBook Pro and an iPad. The Molle panel has Velcro for attaching extra storage pouches, the 10 stretch bands keep everything secure, and the bag has slot pockets for your phone, mouse, and cords. Ready to go to work or play when you are, the Cargo Works 15-inch MacBook Pro EDC Backpack has a place to stash all your Apple products and find them quickly when you need them.

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