Brew Retrograph Chronograph Watch

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Jonathan Ferrer is two things above and beyond everything else: an imaginative industrial designer and a ritualistic coffee drinker. In 2015, he combined these two seemingly disparate passions and founded New York City’s Brew Watch Co., a brand dedicated to creating wristwatches that “celebrate and capture our enjoyable coffee experiences.”

In addition to drawing general inspiration from the coffee culture, Brew Watch has been known to incorporate the unique lines and curves of the espresso machine into each of their watch designs. The new Brew Retrograph Chronograph Watch takes the espresso connection a step further with a very special outer timekeeping track.

Well aware that the perfect espresso shot requires an extraction time of roughly 25 to 35 seconds, the Brew Retrograph includes extra hash marks between 0 and 35 seconds, providing a handy tool for those who want to hit their own personal espresso sweet spot.

The Brew Retrograph features a 38mm x 41.5mm case, a Seiko mecha-quartz movement, sapphire crystal, and 5atm of water resistance.

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