BOMBER X BLACKOUT RFID Faraday Pocket & Utility Pouch

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Keep your tech and your data safe with the Bomber X Blackout RFID Faraday Pocket & Utility Pouches. These pouches are designed to exceed military standards, inspired by the Faraday bags designed to transport the most sensitive military documents. They keep your stuff secure, together, and within easy reach no matter where your days take you. And they manage to look pretty darn sexy while they do it.

The Pocket Carry can hold your smartphone, watch, passport, wallet, and other small essentials; it’s an ideal go-to pocket for travel or your everyday commute. The Utility Pouch is more generously sized for laptops, tablets, hard drives, and larger digital devices. The roll-top design is remarkably simple, but rest assured that the bag contains an oversized signal jammer and uniquely designed fabrics that create the ultimate blackout barrier against would-be hackers and identity thieves.

Both the Pocket Carry and the Utility Pouch are crafted from water-resistant, hard-wearing, eco-synth leather. Over time, the synthetic leather wears much like traditional weather into a relaxed work of art. YKK zippers keep the elements out, double-layered fabrics keep your devices secure, and magnetic closures conveniently keep everything sealed and compact, whether you’re going across town or around the world.

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