Barebones Japanese Nata Tool

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Based in Salt Lake City, Barebones has been manufacturing camping, gardening, and cooking tools since 2012. The company’s latest product, however, dates back to ancient Japan.

The vintage-inspired design of the Barebones Japanese Nata Tool is as functional as it is beautiful. Use it to clear brush from the landscape, strip bark from wood, cut wood into planks, and create kindling for the campfire. Constructed from heritage-quality materials, the Japanese Nata Tool is also built to last with a solid steel core that passes through the entire length of the hardwood handle. Its 12-inch stainless steel, easy-sharpen blade is hefty enough to produce a solid swing but light enough to take with you anywhere.

A true work of art, the Japanese Nata Tool features a finely-finished hardwood walnut handle with timeless copper accents. This tool is truly worthy of display whenever you aren’t using it.

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