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If you’re looking for the perfect antidote for winter, you could do worse than curling up in front of a roaring fire with a whiskey drink in your hand and a pair of warm slippers on your feet. Well, Woolrich Footwear can’t help you with the fire or the drink, but it has spent the last 184 years perfecting the art of wool milling, so it has you more than covered on the slipper front!

Stylishly outfitted in a Red Hunting Plaid design with signature Woolrich whipstitch detailing, the Woolrich Footwear Fleece Mill Scuff Slipper features an upper casing and inner lining of pure woolen fleece. The combination of its durable rubber outsole and perfectly cushioned insole is enough to confirm Woolrich’s reputation for making some of the most rugged and comfortable boots in the history of winter trekking. In fact, although it was explicitly designed to keep you warm while roaming your home on chilly days, the Fleece Mill Scuff Slipper is also ideal for that quick trip outside to grab the mail or the newspaper.

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