Wolverine 1000-Mile Original Sneaker

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Crafting exceptionally tough footwear for more than 130 years, Wolverine credits hard work as the foundation of its success. “The kind of work,” as the company puts it, “that it takes to build the things that endure for generations.”

The new Wolverine 1000-Mile Original Sneaker is built to work as hard as its makers. Durable enough to trek 1000 miles, this shoe is based on the original Wolverine 1000-Mile Boot, reimagining it as a highly flexible, lightweight, and comfortable shoe that can easily propel you down a wilderness trail but looks great enough for a night on the town. Each of these exceptional sneakers is handcrafted in the USA using high-quality materials that have been sourced from around the world.

Key features of the Wolverine 1000-Mile Original Sneaker include an outsole of Vibram rubber and an upper of Horween’s soft, full grain, tumbled Essex leather. It also boosts comfort with a unique leather-topped sock insert.

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