Standard & Strange x John Lofgren Black Cat Boots

$785 preorder

Over the years, the work of boot designer John Lofgren has been hard to come by in the United States. This is perhaps unsurprising, considering his life as an expatriate, creating grail-level boots and operating two different cult-favorite boutiques in Japan. However, his lack of stateside exposure might just change forever with the launch of the Standard & Strange x John Lofgren Black Cat Boots. Based on the iconic look of the M43 combat service boots that were widely distributed to American ground forces during World War II, this product is available for global presale in advance of its May 19th release through the high-end men’s apparel distributor Standard & Strange.

If you’re thinking about ordering, however, don’t hesitate. John Lofgren and Standard & Strange have limited production of the Black Cat to just 24 pairs. This is perhaps unsurprising given their stated commitment to precision craftsmanship and premium source materials. The Standard & Strange x John Lofgren Black Cat Boots feature a Goodyear welt, a Vibram 705 sole, and a top of black rough-out steerhide tanned in Himeji, Japan.

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