PF Flyers x Ball and Buck Center Lo

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Take flight with the latest PF Flyers x Ball and Buck Center Lo. Made in collaboration with Ball and Buck, the shoes combine a renowned military heritage with the long standing history of USA manufacturing. The PF Flyers x Ball and Buck Center Lo are made to last, courtesy of the same mil-spec canvas that was used to make tents during WWII.

The shoe’s outer strength is matched by its interior comfort. A premium performance insert will make you want to wear the shoes day in and day out. The style with its solid stripe of color paired with a singular background, is both ruggedly simplistic and consciously fashionable. They beg to be worn with shorts, jeans, or a pair of summer slacks. No matter your fashion choices, keep your feet comfortable and your gate striding to the tune of “ten-hut, forward march.”

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