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Most NBA players agree: socks are important. Kobe Bryant has called feet “the most important thing you bring to the game” and pointed to socks as the first line of defense in effective foot care. Kevin Durant famously layers two pairs of socks to maximize cushioning around his heels and ankles, but has long lamented the fact that this extra cushioning prevents him from effectively “feeling” the court.

As part of its effort to create footwear that is optimized for high-performance basketball, Nike has partnered with the NBA to create its new line of NikeGrip Power Crew and Quick Crew socks. The Power Crew is built for ultimate cushioning with considerable thickness, while the NikeGrip Quick Crew is designed to balance the need for cushioning with a more lightweight feel.

The first Nike socks to sport the NBA logo, both the NikeGrip Power Crew and the NikeGrip Quick Crew feature extra cushioning where basketball players need it the most: at the forefoot, ankle, and heel. These socks are manufactured with NikeGrip yarns, which combine ultrafine polyester fibers and traditional fibers to increase the sock’s surface area and promote anti-slip traction. The thinner mesh at top of theses sock vents heat in specific areas as scientifically identified through thermal mapping. For the sport of basketball, these socks simply have no equal in terms of comfort, durability, and overall performance.

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