Nicks Robert Suede Roughout Boots

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A maker of high-quality leather boots for well over 50 years, this Spokane, Washington-based company knows that, if you want to make a fine boot, you have to start with fine materials. The Nicks Robert Suede Roughout Boot is comprised of an upper of full-grain leather that was tanned at the legendary Horween tannery in Chicago and a lower of incredibly durable Vibram pressed into western style soles.

Practical as well as distinctive, the Roughout Boot sole is designed to provide secure traction without tracking mud. Soles are attached using welted construction for easy resoling. The 6-inch-high leather upper and hand-carved leather arches are also highly functional, offering all-day comfort and ankle support. Easily cleaned by wiping or brushing, the Nicks Robert Suede Roughout Boots are perfect for everyday wear on the job and on the go.

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