NakeFit Adhesive Shoes

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For some people, going barefoot outside is a lifestyle. Whether you are running down the driveway to the mailbox or lounging by the swimming pool, there is nothing more relaxing than having your feet go au naturel. Yet walking on rough pavement, sharp rocks, or hot sand can send daggers of pain through your feet. It can also be dangerous when walking barefoot along wet, slippery surfaces.

The NakeFit Adhesive Shoes allow you to enjoy a range of activities while being barefoot. Made in Italy, the Nakefit is a foot covering that is waterproof, slip resistant and cut resistant as it attaches to the bottom of your foot with an adhesive backing. It comes in colors of pink, blue and black as it is shaped to cover your entire foot as well as your toes. You can wear the shoes across rough pavement, large rocks, wet tile, and hot sand.

The NakeFit Adhesive Shoes are hypoallergenic as you can swim or wear them in the spa without worrying about the materials causing rashes or bacteria to build up on the surface. When you are done wearing them, you just peel the NakeFit Adhesive Shoes off your feet and toss them into the trash.

Never bother with troublesome flip-flops that never stay on your feet. Swim, play beach volleyball, or take a walk in the park while giving your feet freedom from confining sneakers and sandals when you wear the NakeFit Adhesive Shoes.

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