Mohinders City Slippers

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Generations-old weaving techniques straight from India combine with contemporary style to create a sweet slip-on you’ll want to wear everywhere. The upper of the Mohinders City Slippers is woven using the traditional “cavani” technique from full-grain buffalo leather sourced in small batches. The sole is natural rubber crepe, carefully molded for comfort and cushioned with goat leather. The uppers are attached to the midsole not with adhesive but with a durable woven technique. As a result, you’ll find that the uppers are far more breathable than solid leather or canvas slip-ons.

The Mohinders City Slippers come from a standalone nonprofit that supports the families of 170 artisans, so take some pride in knowing that you’ll be supporting an artisan entrepreneur and slaying your summer style at the same time. Live the summer of your dreams in laid back style that reflects your values.

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