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Founded by brothers/everyday athletes James and Josh Shorrock, LANE EIGHT is dedicated to making footwear for active people who aren’t necessarily international sports stars. Perhaps no other shoe in its line epitomizes these values more than the new Trainer AD 1.

Billed by LANE EIGHT as “the next generation of activewear,” these sneakers seem to know that the term “active lifestyle” means different things to different people. Designed to provide stability and comfort whenever and wherever it is most needed, the Trainer AD 1 can stand up to the toughest of workouts while providing general support for all-day wear.

Of course these shoes look great, but there is method sewn into each fashionable stitch. The knit upper provides comfortable stretchy support while offering excellent ventilation and a sock-like feel. Its ETPU sockliner will absorb the shock of each step, stride, and jump without going flat.

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