FEIT Hand Sewn Low Raw White Semi Cordovan

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Raw edges, hand hewn leather, and a classic silhouette — you get it all with the newest FEIT model, but we’ve said enough good things about FEIT. The FEIT Hand Sewn Low Raw White Semi Cordovan shoes feature everything we love about this intriguing brand that is at home on both the playground and in the workplace. Casual, attention-getting, and a bespoke quality that’s hard to find elsewhere, these beauties will swiftly become your go-to pair of shoes and make you forget about the hefty price tag.

With craftsmanship and enduring style that deserve some appreciation, each pair of the FEIT Hand Sewn Low Raw White Semi Cordovan is carefully crafted by hand, with hallmark FEIT touches and raw edges that make them truly special. Each pair arrives in a stylish box and carry bag.

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