FEIT Hand Sewn Desert Boot

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FEIT represents a solution to the problems of cost-cutting mass-scale production, such as pollution, the use of synthetics, and increased waste. Each FEIT product is a commitment to small batch production, sustainability, and integrity.

The FEIT Hand Sewn Desert Boot is directly inspired by the traditional nomadic desert boot, though this time around updated with a modern silhouette, luxury materials, and impeccable handmade construction. For strength and durability, the sole is made from a textured coagulated latex, which gives the shoe flexibility and bounce. The crepe texture also provides a natural grip that clings to most surfaces, whether in rain, snow, or the sun.

The body of the boots is made out of a long-haired English suede which has been vegetable tanned to match the classic desert boot look. The material is soft and non-irritating and develops a deep patina over time. To add to FEIT’s sustainability commitment, it is also biodegradable. The leather stays neutral in any temperature without retaining sweat or odor, so the boots can be worn sans socks.

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