END. x Vans OG Vertigo Collection

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When it comes to footwear, it’s hard to think of a more iconic pattern than the black and white checkerboard on the original Vans Classic Slip On. It’s a motif that the company has returned to again and again over the past several decades, but there is something special about the new END. x Vans OG Vertigo Collection.

To put a new spin (pun definitely intended) on its classic checkerboard, Vans partnered with END. The result is a pattern that looks something like the original Vans checkerboard warped in a fun house mirror that was designed by MC Escher on acid. This checkerboard hypnotizes the eye as it seems to stretch, twist, and turn across the upper section of the limited-edition Vertigo Collection canvas Slip On LX. The same design is available across the sides of the leather, lace-up Old Skool LX.

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