Allbirds Sugar Zeffer Flip-Flops

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The shoe specialists at Allbirds have found a sweet way to help you tread lightly through your environment and lessen your global footprint…in more ways than one. First of all, the Allbirds Sugar Zeffer Flip-Flops are an extremely lightweight and breezy way to stay comfortable for the rest of the summer. When you can’t get away with going barefoot, this is the next best thing. With their contoured footbed and super-soft microsuede strap, these flip-flops make you feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all.

Secondly, the Allbirds Sugar Zeffer Flip-Flops support a cleaner and healthier world, using manufacturing processes that scarcely make a ripple in the surrounding ecology. How exactly? Allbirds produces its Sugar Zeffer Flip-Flops using actual sugarcane. The outsole on each of these incredible flip-flops is comprised of SweetFoam, a proprietary material derived from sugarcane and engineered with the first carbon-negative green EVA in history.

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