adidas Originals X Hender Scheme

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In 2017, the Japanese footwear and accessories label Hender Scheme hit a home run when they partnered with adidas to put a fresh spin on the iconic German company’s original athletic shoe designs. Well, the pair is at it again in 2018 with a brand new collection of sneakers.

Returning from the 2017 collaboration are updated versions of the Micropacer and Superstar. The 2018 versions of these fashionable shoes truly set themselves apart in terms of color. The new Micropacer can be purchased in a striking metallic silver with blue accents at the upper heel and red accents on the sole. The Superstar defines itself in terms of contrast, setting off a deep black with white stripes over a natural leather sole, toe, and interior. The adidas Originals X Hender Scheme line for 2018 also reimagines 2017’s NMD as the NMD R1. Color-matched to the original adidas style with a black leather upper and EVA stability plugs of red and blue.

All three adidas Originals X Hender Scheme shoes are handmade in Tokyo with a replaceable hammer-in sole. American retailers such as Barneys, Kith, Need Supply, and Dover Street Market will begin carrying the line on March 16th.

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