ACBC Modular Travel Shoes

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ACBC has developed a whole new way to make the most out of your footwear with its Modular Travel Shoes. Designed to improve your commuting and traveling performance while keeping customizable and fashionable options open, these shoes are a system of soles and skins that can be mixed and matched as you see fit. In fact, with all 5 of ACBC’s available soles and all 60 available skins, you can create 300 separate and distinct footwear combinations to meet any purpose or need. Just use the Modular Travel Shoes’ convenient attached zipper to securely attach sole to skin, and you’re ready to go in seconds.

Choose between running, driving, or flat soles, and choose your skins that match your style or the occasion. These shoes are ideal for traveling when packing light is essential. By replacing three pairs of traditional shoes with a single ACBC sole and three ACBC skins, you can reduce overall weight by 70% and overall occupied space by 80%. And you won’t sacrifice a thing when it comes to looking and feeling great.

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