Westerlind Climbing Jumpsuit

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In an attempt to bridge the world of fashion with the great outdoors, the ever-hipster company Westerlind shows off a quintessential unisex item for the fall. The Westerlind Climbing Jumpsuit draws its inspiration from the garments worn by the rock climbing pioneers of the 20th century.

Although to be fair, this jumpsuit probably wouldn’t be worn for actual bouldering, but rather more likely around the city with a pair of brown Oxford loafers (or Céline round-toed black leather pumps for the ladies). Made from cotton ripstop to increase breathability and durability, the Westerlind Climbing Jumpsuit is designed to look broken in after a few wears. If you’ve never pulled off the jumpsuit look before, this fall may be the perfect time for this versatile unisex piece. The Westerlind Climbing Jumpsuit is available in black, white, light grey, coyote, and forest green.

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