Warby Parker x Justin Timberlake Limited Edition Sunglasses

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If anyone knows a thing or two about bringing sexy back, it’s Justin Timberlake himself. When partnered up with Warby Parker, JT redefines cool. The Superbowl crooner recently paired up with the enormously popular online-turned-brick-and-mortar eyeglass brand. What resulted are the Warby Parker x Justin Timberlake Limited Edition Sunglasses. This collection of three designs is an homage to Waves, a song from Timberlake’s latest album Man of The Woods.

The Wave I features a classic wayfarer-inspired silhouette constructed from a custom tortoise shell cellulose acetate for instant summer cool. The Wave II incorporates a bigger, more sculpted look in a custom cellulose acetate in a clear sea glass grey. The Wave III is a sleek jet black matte, wide-set pair of frames with a modern vintage feel. All three styles are available for men or women.

As part of Warby Parker’s longstanding policy, for each pair of sunglasses purchased, the brand donates a pair to someone in need. Yet the Warby Parker x Justin Timberlake collection goes a step further by also giving a donation to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is near to Timberlake’s hometown and close to his heart.

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