VUARNET Nightlynx Collection

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VUARNET has done sunglasses remarkably well for years, and now they offer a cutting-edge option for the night owls among us. Whether your scene is the club at 2 a.m., the open road after sunset, or an all-night work crew, VUARNET’s Nightlynx collection is powerful enough to revolutionize your after-hours experiences (at least the ones that require visual acuity).

The technology behind the Nightllynx collection was originally engineered for pilots. It cuts glare, protects your eyes from harmful blue light tones, and helps amplify light in conditions where light is limited or absent. Truck drivers, DJs, clubbers, and nighttime construction workers will all love Nightlynx — and not just because it amps up their visual acuity. Nightynx glasses automatically take your fly factor up a few notches. The black matte frames offer perfect sleek contrast against the trademark yellow lenses. And with five different frame styles, you’ll find one that fits your aesthetic, no matter where you fall on the spectrum between hipster and gentleman.

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