Rapha Pro Team Arenberg Glasses

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The Rapha Pro Team Arenberg Glasses are designed with both peak performance and design in mind, a testament to Rapha’s no-compromise approach to racing eyewear. Riders can be assured a secure fit, as it incorporates a snap-lock hinge that lets riders easily transition glasses from the eyes to their jersey neck or helmet vents. The arms of the eyewear are outfitted with full-length temple grippers, ensuring that the glasses stay fast even on the bumpiest of rides.

The Pro Team Arenberg’s full frame sits flush to the lens for enhanced peripheral vision, and the central bar of the frame can be removed for better viewing when needed. Remarkably, these features are implemented into a lightweight, comfortable pair of eyewear that weighs a mere 33 grams.

While the Carl Zeiss lens with UV400-protection Neutral Grey/Bronze Mirror comes as a standard offering, five other detachable lens colors are also available for purchase separately (clear, silver, yellow, bronze, and black), designed to suit various environments and light conditions. Rapha has created eyewear that enables riders to perform at their peak with a design inspired from cycling’s golden years.

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