Private White V.C. x Jaguar Driving Jacket

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The class of Private White V.C.’s aesthetic just married the Jaguar design team, and they had a beautiful brainchild: the limited run Private White V.C. x Jaguar Driving Jacket. Simplicity, elegance, and function mark this jacket’s every move and creates a timeless design that transcends fashion trends. And because each one is crafted from the highest-quality materials with the meticulous attention to detail that characterizes both Private White and Jaguar, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

A two-way riri zipper keeps you comfortable whether you’re driving or heading to the office. The weatherproof cotton Ventile outer offers protection against wind and water. And a detachable 100% wool flannel liner adds extra warmth and coziness, whether you wear it with the outer during the coldest winter months or on its own during transitional seasons. Each jacket is handmade in Manchester, England, and individually hand-numbered — a truly unique, limited-edition piece that you won’t find in any retail outlet.

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