Porsche Design P’8478 40-Year Anniversary Limited Edition

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The exclusive lifestyle brand of the design studio founded by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1972, Porsche Design aims to bring the spirit of Porsche out of the high-performance automotive arena and into all areas of everyday life. What, exactly, is the “spirit of Porsche?” According to Porsche Design, it has everything to do with precision, intelligence, sophistication, and functionality.

All of the above is certainly true of Porsche Design’s P’8478 sunglasses. The first pair of shades with interchangeable lenses, Prof. Porsche designed this iconic product himself in 1978. In honor of the 40-year anniversary of the P’8478, Porsche Design has rereleased these sunglasses in a special 40-Year Anniversary Limited Edition that features an exceptionally lightweight matte-black titanium frame with gold accents on bridge, lens holders, and nose pads.

Limited to just 1,978 pairs, the P’8478 rerelease is bound to spark considerable demand. Each unit sold comes complete with a distinctive travel box and five interchangeable scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses in gradient grey, gradient blue, blue/green mirror, mercury, and brown.

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