Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

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If you can currently operate the touchscreen on your smartphone while wearing gloves, you have the Dutch designer label Mujjo to thank. By covering glove fabric with a revolutionary conductive treatment, Mujjo pioneered the first 5-finger touchscreen-enabled glove several years ago.

Today, it’s building on this achievement with an updated version of this glove that features a far cleaner exterior silicone pattern and a four-way stretch fabric that hugs every contour of your hand for unparalleled comfort and uninhibited range of motion. To keep you warm from stretch cuff-sealed wrist to wind-resistant fingertip, the new Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves have triple-layer 3M Thinsulate construction and an incredibly soft lining of integrated fleece.

Unlike other touchscreen gloves that allow you to use only one or two fingers on your digital device, these new Mujjo gloves feature conductivity treatment on all five fingers and even the palm of the hand.

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