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An award-winning online global retailer, Mr. PORTER has built a reputation for its unique mixture of international menswear sales and quality editorial content. The site carries over 300 leading brands and offers express shipping to 170 countries. Mr. PORTER carries the work of designers that range from Alexander McQueen and Maison Kitsune to Raf Simons and Loro Piana.

You don’t handle quality clothing and accessories for years without learning a thing or two, and Mr. PORTER has recently leveraged its extensive industry experience to launch its own clothing line under the name Mr P.

Before beginning work on the new Mr P. collection, Mr. PORTER asked a range of questions to men who want clothes that are stylish yet timeless, sharp yet understated, neat yet consummately wearable. What qualities do these men look for in their clothes? To what extent, if at all, do they want their clothes to define them?

Mr. PORTER took the answers to theses questions and transformed them into a collection of future classics that invokes the best qualities of well-dressed men of today and yesterday. Made by exceptional clothing-makers using the finest materials on the market, the Mr P. line can find a place in nearly any man’s closet. In an effort to provide up-to-date seasonal staples, Mr. PORTER will update the Mr P. collection five times each year at a price point that will be hard to ignore.

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