John Varvatos Dark Rebel

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The word ‘rebel’ can easily conjure up images of leather-clad, bike-riding, too-cool-for-school type of men. You can almost hear some type of punk rock, and the color black dominates the mind. However, when you’re asked to think of a scent that the word brings to mind, it may not be as easy as it sounds. It may be the scent of tobacco or alcohol, but nothing seems to capture the essence of the word. That essence of rebellious scent is exactly what John Varvatos seems to have set out to do.

To capture the designer’s return to Detroit, the new fragrance from John Varvatos can be described as a caricature of masculinity. The John Varvatos Dark Rebel does exactly what the name suggests and even comes in a black bottle accented by tightly wrapped leather bands. If health and safety concerns weren’t an issue, they might as well have put thorns on the bottle.

The scent is centered around masculine notes of wood, leather, tobacco, and even Jamaican rum. It’s a long lasting scent that should definitely compliment the leather jacket wearing season that is upon us.

So if you’re feeling rebellious but feel like leather jackets and motorcycles don’t cut it for you, why not give off a subtle scent of rebellion with the Dark Rebel.

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