Dita System-Two

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Dita began more than 20 years ago to create an eyewear brand that not only stands out but is focused on luxury touches interpreted into bold frames using cutting edge technology. In short, these aren’t your run of the mill glasses.

As the latest installment in the System series, the System-Two uses a single ultra-thin titanium exoskeleton to embellish the classic round aviator shape. The sunglasses blend decorative styles influenced by both antiquity and modernity; the overall silhouette is heavily influenced by traditional Japanese blacksmiths who whipped up intricate creations with the help of clay blast ovens. This artisanal legacy found new appreciation in 20th century modernist architecture that incorporated the Japanese craftwork into styles and structures. So too has the decorative arts revival influenced the System-Two’s industrial proportions. Along with etched temples and elaborately sculpted end-pieces, the frames are an expression of this design fusion.

The single titanium skeleton fully envelops the frames ending with titanium cupped lens rims. Custom titanium nosepads and acetate temple tips also add more comfortable design flourishes. The System-Two’s lenses offer 100 percent UV-A and UV-B protection and possess an anti-reflective coating for easy wearing.

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