Acqua di Colonia Alba di Seoul Cologne

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Picking the right cologne can be a tricky thing, because you always want to smell your best — but the definition of “best” is usually something that changes depending on the situation. You want someone to be able to instantly know that you’re calm, cool, confident and sophisticated — all without saying a word. When your goal includes all of these and more, you’re definitely going to want to have a bottle of Acqua di Colonia Alba di Seoul cologne by your side.

Acqua di Colonia Alba di Seoul was first introduced in 2012 in honor of Seoul, one of the most striking cities on the face of the Earth. It includes a gentle bouquet of fresh green and crisp notes that instantly calls to mind images of the Korean pine. All of this crescendos into a woody oriental base note that brings the whole package home again. So the next time you walk into a room and want people to instantly think to themselves “… who is THAT?!” in the best possible way, make sure you stock up on Acqua di Colonia Alba di Seoul while you still can. Your nose, and everyone else’s, will definitely thank you.

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