8000Eyewear 8M6 Sunglasses

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Well known among serious sunglass aficionados for their ultra-thin frames and flexible temple joints, 8000Eyewear is back with their latest series of beautifully designed, high-performance shades. All of the sunglasses in the 8M6 line certainly look great and, perhaps more importantly, are designed to make you see great.

Featuring Barberini Ultra Flat Tempered mineral glass lenses, the 8000Eyewear 8M6 Sunglasses offer 100 percent protection from ultraviolet light. These filter category 3 shades are also interior antireflex coated and fully optimized to for use while driving. The lenses of the 8M6 line rest in ultra-light elastic stainless steel frames that are treated with a state-of-the-art analleregic coating. Their flex-pressure arms, ergonomic silicon nose pad, and handmade leather temple tip offer added luxury and comfort.

The 8000Eyewear 8M6 Sunglasses come in Shiny Black frames with volcanic smoke lenses, Brass Satin frames with tobacco brown lenses, Gold frames with forest green lenses, and Grafite frames with silver mirror lenses.

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