IMBOLDN Week In Review

Best in gear and tech this week: 'IMBOLDN Week In Review' For The Week Of January 1, 2018.



Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘IMBOLDN Week In Review’, where we take a look back at this past week’s best gears, tech, and style. From awesome rides to the essential tech upgrade for your EDC, we sort through the best items that we’ve featured this week and bring it to you in one easy dose.

Crave Trophy Jacket

$499 BUY NOW

With aerospace anti-abrasion protection technology, the Crave Trophy Jacket is the rider jacket for the roughest of days.
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Subtech Pro Drybag 2.0

$190+ PLEDGE

Waterproof, shockproof, rip-proof, and ergonomic — no need to take off your backpack when tackling nature.
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TACK Titanium Card Knife


If a pocket knife is a must but your pockets are already taken, leave it to the TACK Titanium Card Knife.
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Motoped Cruzer

$3,049 BUY NOW

The Motoped Cruzer hearkens back to a bygone era of board track racing while riding on the cutting edge of modern technology.
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Bad Marlon Deauville Dog House

$328 BUY NOW

A cozy and minimalistic dog house that sends a statement like any home should.
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RAINS Backpack

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MyKee 2.0 Multi-Tool Key

An unassuming 20-in-1 multi-tool that blends in with your other keys to provide functionality without adding bulk.