IMBOLDN Week In Review

Our picks for this week's best in gear, including portable grip soles for icy roads, shape-shifting cubes to keep you entertained for hours, and more.



Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘IMBOLDN Week In Review’, where we take a look back at this past week’s best gears, tech, and style. From awesome rides to the essential tech upgrade for your EDC, we sort through the best items that we’ve featured this week and bring it to you in one easy dose.

LG CineBeam Laser 4K Projector

Second generation CineBeam continues its revolutionary projection capabilities, now with 4K resolution.
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Vornado Glide Heater


Take the edge off the winter months without sacrificing warmth or style.
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Everdure 4K Charoal Grill


This new charcoal grill created in collaboration with Heston Blumenthal draws upon a 4000 year old Japanese tradition.
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Vibram Portable Performance Sole


No need to brave the poorly de-iced sidewalks of the city at the expense of your bruised ego and buttocks.
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Describing the GHOSTKUBE may be difficult, but understanding its appeal is certainly not.
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