‘Superiority Burger Cookbook’ by Brooks Headley

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An expressive and versatile chef, Brooks Headley has authored multiple bestselling cookbooks and earned the James Beard Award for best pastry chef in the United States in 2013. In 2015, he made a terrific splash in the world of gourmet hamburgers when he opened Superiority Burger in the East Village of New York City. And this restaurant is all the more remarkable for the fact that it is 100-percent vegetarian!

After three years of unprecedented success as Superiority Burger’s chef-owner, Headley has decided to share his secrets with the public by releasing Superiority Burger Cookbook. Divided into sections that include Sandwiches, Cool Salads, Warm Vegetables, and Sweets, this 224-page hardcover book contains 100 color photographs and a thoughtful introduction by Headley himself. But, of course, the true stars of this book are its recipes. Featuring more than 90 in total, Superiority Burger Cookbook includes the original Superiority Burger recipe among other favorites.

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