‘Living on Water’

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If contemporary architecture alone isn’t fascinating enough for you, try pairing it with the most compelling of the natural elements: water. Though it’s got a gorgeous cover and rich pages that you feel you could step right into, this isn’t just a coffee table book. Living on Water is more like an escape into dozens of different places where the beauty of the natural world and the clean lines of contemporary architecture live together seamlessly.

Living on Water offers 341 images of contemporary homes living beautifully alongside the oceans, lakes, ponds, and pools that give them a flavor of their own. The hardcover binding and vivid, thick pages are almost as satisfying to enjoy as the content itself. Basically, if you can’t pick up and move to the shore today, this is your next best option, and it’ll look great on your bookshelf or in your lakeside retreat if you’re fortunate enough to have one. Otherwise, you might just find yourself inspired to quit your day job and head for bluer waters.

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