Tiffany & Co. Walnut & Sterling Silver Building Blocks

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The Tiffany & Co. Walnut & Sterling Silver Building Blocks are the perfect stocking stuffers for the kid at heart. Made from solid sterling silver and American walnut, these building blocks are the adult LEGOs that you never knew you wanted. The handcrafted set features three .62 inch square pieces, three .93 x .62 inch blocks, and three 1.55 x .62 inch blocks, as well as one entirely solid sterling silver 1.55 x .62 inch block.

With the fidget spinner going the way of the dinosaurs, the Tiffany & Co. Walnut & Sterling Silver Building Blocks are sure to keep your fingers busy while your mind handles all of the day’s important tasks. While you might not be able to hide behind your building blocks when the boss comes around asking for those reports ASAP, you will be able to create tiny works of art that are sure to keep you smiling.

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