The Make co. Beton Concrete & Iroko Patio Table

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Your patio needs some good, old-fashioned Scandinavian design. The right combination of simple lines and impeccable craftsmanship has a way of instantly upgrading any space or design scheme. Make that happen for your outdoor space with the Make co. Beton Concrete & Iroko Patio Table. Or put it indoors; it’ll impress any onlooker and add to your style no matter where it resides.

Iroko wood adds a unique warmth; polished and GFR-sealed concrete provides eye-catching contrast. If you’ve never heard of Iroko wood, you’re not alone; it’s a West African hardwood often called African Teak, thanks to its resilience and unique, mesmerizing grain. The carefully-formulated concrete formula resists wear and damage from the elements, yet it’s sturdy enough to form a surprisingly slim and elegant tabletop. The fold-out design of the iroko wood extensions ensures it’s cozy enough for two to four to sit comfortably, while expanding to accommodate everyone at your dinner party.

The Beton table was designed by Daniel Finkelstein, completely made in Canada, and hand-finished, which lends each one a slightly different tone and design flavor. Expect the type of style that turns heads and infuses your space with a shot of sleek, straightforward personality.

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