Shinola Hotel

After enduring years as the punchline of jokes about urban decay, Detroit has been slowly clawing its way back to prosperity. Want evidence? Behold the new Shinola Hotel on downtown Detroit’s famed Woodward Avenue.

Although you are likely familiar with the luxury brand Shinola and its highly stylish watches, among other high-end goods, you may be unaware that this influential company is headquartered in Detroit. Well, Shinola has cemented its association with the Motor City with its new hospitality venture.

The Shinola Hotel features 129 guest rooms that extend over eight floors and include fine amenities such as panoramic loft-style windows, marble bathtubs, and gas fireplaces. The property’s 1100-square-foot penthouse option comes complete with private terraces and even a curated record collection for use with a hi-fi Shinola turntable.

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