MZPA The Planet

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Take full advantage of your inner space with The Planet, a cubicle-like working platform that could also be your closed personal retreat from the world — while being as open as you want it to be. An innovative compromise between the limited “bee cell” of the co-working office space and the open space, The Planet restricts your external boundaries but does so in a unique design language, thereby freeing the mind to get the creative juices flowing. The Planet is great for when you need a little alone time and a break from the rest of the office, to take your mind off things and gather your thoughts.

The triangular segments that make up this sophisticated armchair can be added or removed to change the shape and the degree of openness to the surrounding space. The Planet features an ergonomic mattress padding, and additional conveniences such as LED lamps, speakers, laptop stands, storage pockets, USB charging ports, and solar panels can also be installed upon request. This multifunctional work station is a perfect harmony between division and unity, sure to satisfy any creative mind whether for work or leisure.

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