Instrmnt A-Series Clock

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While there may be no way to stop time, Instrmnt’s A-Series Clock can certainly make the passage of it more appealing. As an object of simplicity, this clock’s sole purpose is to tell time.

The minimalistic dual aspect quartz clock looks at home whether it’s on a desk or a wall. Its raw aluminum 30cm diameter casing is spun-form by hand from a single disc. It has an appealing anodised matt finish and a classic and easy to read customary ’00’ dial in Helvetica Neue Regular font.

Whether in anodised silver or gold, the A-Series Clock is accompanied by a machine-bent, stainless steel stand which can be added or removed for placement on a desk, table or on the wall with the help of a rear bracket.

Excluding the clock’s German-made movement, the entire package is manufactured in the UK through time-honed techniques, culminating in final assembly in Instrmnt’s Glasgow studio.

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