Flat In Black by Architecture studio HEIMA

The latest project by the high-end Lithuanian architecture studio HEIMA takes a property in its home city of Vilnius and transforms it completely. The structure that now stands as HEIMA’s Flat in Black began life as a 2-bedroom apartment with a large, central chimney shaft. In HEIMA’s capable and creative hands, this apartment has become a single bedroom flat with a dark grey (nearly black) color that allows liminal areas of the residence to “dissolve in the shadows.”

By eliminating a bedroom, HEIMA was able to produce a far larger living room area with a striking diagonal wall that serves as an eye-catching focal point. The other side of this wall lent considerable additional depth to the walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom. Other innovative instances of space repurposing within the Flat in Black include transforming that old unwanted chimney shaft into a distinct apartment entrance zone.

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