Cassina Frank Lloyd Wright 607 Taliesin 1

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Described by the high-end household furniture retailer Cassina as “origami in wood,” the 607 Taliesin 1 armchair was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1949 for his Taliesin West studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, like the overwhelming majority of Wright’s artistic output, this classic piece of furniture looks anything but dated. If anything, this 60-year-old armchair design remains somehow ahead of its time.

The 607 Taliesin 1 presents a striking silhouette from every vantage point with broad surfaces and bold cantilevered angles that incorporate distinctly geometrical forms. Even more remarkable, this armchair is composed of a single piece of plywood that is folded in much the same way that Japanese origami artists have been folding paper for centuries.

The new Frank Lloyd Wright 607 Taliesin 1 release by Cassina comes in three colors and stresses enhanced comfort with a deeper reclined backrest and thicker cushioning.

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