Casa Poseidon by David Mutal Arquitectos

Casa Poseidon, meaning “Poseidon House,” lives up to its name and modern architectural inspirations. Located 50km south of Lima, Peru, this house offers the close proximity to the city as well as stunning views of the ocean. The duality between a busy city life and the tranquility of the seaside is clearly present within the home. In addition to the intimate garden that looks out to the ocean, an inner temperate pool becomes another tranquil cave to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The home features a promenade architecture that allows the spaces to visually and artistically connect. Enter from the upper street and immediately cross a glass bridge that serves as an observatory to the interior pool two floors below your feet. Look straight ahead and you will see marine life on the horizon. Floating staircases are featured throughout Casa Poseidon to maximize the effects of open visuals with clean lines. In fact, the entire home is organized to accommodate the duality of life between city and ocean, as well as the coexistence of parents and children. The upper levels represent an adult’s view of the world where moments of relaxation are cherished and spaces of intimacy provide an escape, while the lower levels embrace the childish desires to play in unique spaces. By harmonizing with its surrounding natural elements, Casa Poseidon is able to create a space that embodies work and play for young and old alike.

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