Casa Harfagar by WMR Arquitectos

Headquartered in Matanzas, Chile for more than 17 years, WMR Arquitectos focuses on projects that integrate effectively with the unique geography and extreme climate of the Chilean coast. Using its intimate understanding of the local environment, this firm knows to offer coverage for north-facing walls in order to provide protection from serious winter storms.

WMR’s newest project, Matanzas’s Casa Harfagar epitomizes this type of harmony with its natural surroundings in a variety of ways. First and foremost, this elevated Centinela Hill property is orientated to capture scenic views towards the village of La Boca and the point at which the River Rapel empties into the Pacific Ocean. Composed of two layers of staggered terraces, Casa Harfagar generates feelings of greater amplitude through the magic of volumetric subtraction. Principally made of large windows with quarter-sawn cladding of local pinewood, this residence is structured to make the most of the Chilean sunlight.

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