ARTIFOX Black Edition Workspace Furniture Line

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The workplace can be a horribly drab place for any sort of expression or creativity. Yet ARTIFOX is aiming to change the game with its line of Black Edition Workspace Furniture.

Based on a company ethos to design and manufacture breathtakingly beautiful yet minimalist products for the home and office that are both made from high-quality materials yet easily packable and portable, the ARTIFOX Black Edition line is what every office dweller dreams of.

The line is aesthetically pleasing yet functional, from the largest pieces right down to the tiny details. The brand’s Desk 02 Black is the cornerstone of the collection. Made from solid white oak and then covered with pure black ink and a satin finish, it is a glossy, tech-friendly update on the classic workspace. It’s also compatible with the line’s Black Edition large stand that mounts effortlessly on top of it to create a dedicated space for iMacs, laptops, monitors, speakers, books, or plants, while integrating into the desk with a tool-less attachment. A compatible smaller stand is mountable to provide a dainty spot for keeping a stapler, notebooks, and other accents.

A matching black vertical bike rack with a unique mounting system that self-levels on almost any imaginable surface and hides away with a strategically placed magnet to keep your workspace accessible and clean. Finally, the brand’s Pegs Black Edition offers a low profile way to organize your worktop with powerful magnets that can hold down even the heftiest book. Their container also serves as a pen or pencil cup for the ultimate in flexibility.

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